Friday, 18 April 2014 20:00

Hip Hop charm outdoor

Bogotá can afford to have one of the most important festivals in Latin America that pay homage to the hip hop culture. And that intention ratified this weekend with the assistance of more than 130,000 people to the number 19, which closed with a flourish with the introduction of US rapper Xzibit.

On this last day national and international dancers 'break dance' for urban dance competition were also presented. The award remained in France, with the presentation of Infamous Crew, who did thrill the audience with his skills on stage.

Women were protagonists in this issue, as one of the most anticipated presentations was to Shadia Mansour, better known as the lady of Arabic hip hop. His music touched nearly 60,000 people who met her appointment last Sunday.

Malena also Dalessio, of Argentina, stepped on stage and began chanting the audience with their songs.

More international artists like the Cuban Rxnde Akozta, Mexican Gera MXM and chilenoargentinos DJ Coco Pharuk & Destroy Bboy engalanaron the festival.

More than music

Attendees, apart from enjoying the performances of 39 artists, including DJ, singers and dancers, also had the opportunity to find stalls selling clothing and accessories for the fans of this urban culture.

Besides living with the Peace Crew, activity was done for the first time in this festival was promoted.

As for security at the event, the District took all measures together with the Metropolitan Police. More than 1,300 soldiers guarded the event and according to the District Institute for the Arts (Idartes) -Organizer the event- violence rates decreased.


Trifulca by crashers TM

After the presentations of Hip Hop al Parque, young people tried to enter the system TransMilenio without swiping the card or enter a single passage two policemen guarding the station Corferias clashed.

Other resorts like Maloka and Salitre-El Greco had to be reinforced with junior officers and police officers to curb the entry of the cast.

On Sunday night, several assistants had clashed with a young man the gate of the station TIME skipped. In the same place, several citizens ensured that a uniformed with bracelet Transit threatened a 'taser' a boy jacket ovejera would enter without paying the fare. On the afternoon of Monday, people in a state of alicoramiento they rioted in the El Campin station.